The ‘Destiny 2’ Eramis Unfrozen Theory For Season 18

The ‘Destiny 2’ Eramis Unfrozen Theory For Season 18

Alright, while leaks are starting to spring up left and right in the Destiny 2 community (how about that Fortnite collab?!), I am going to try to squeeze in a bit of last minute theorizing about the mysterious season 18 that is not based on leaks.

If something has leaked specifically about this, I haven’t seen it. Rather, I’m going to try to pull from past actual evidence to support the idea that runs in the opposite direction from the whole Rasputin/SIVA concept I’ve discussed earlier.

So, all of this stems back, of course, to the expansion before Witch Queen, Beyond Light. In that expansion, we fought Eramis the Shipstealer, a Fallen pirate who wanted revenge on the Traveler for abandoning and ruining the Eliksni, and turned to the Darkness to form House Salvation, where she and her cohorts were gifted Stasis, just as we were.

That expansion ended with Eramis frozen in Stasis, and she’s been there ever since. But now the idea is that she’s about to thaw out, and that’s going to be very bad news.

Way back in January 2021, Bungie confirmed that at the very least, Eramis is still alive in that ice with this tweet, so we know that to be true. This isn’t a “Mr. Freeze shoots you with an ice gun then shatters your corpse” situation. She can thaw, even though the game made it seem like she was dead.

Then, this speculation about her return was kicked off by a second tweet, eight months later, yesterday:

This could also be referencing Icebreaker, the Destiny 1 weapon, but Bungies swears they’re not bringing it back because it screws up the ammo economy. I’m not sure I believe them. But if that is true, then breaking the ice would be about the enemy that is…frozen in ice. Or it’s just an innocent joke.

But of course there’s more than two tweets. Probably the best evidence is from the game itself, in the Vox Obscura mission which features a forecast from Caiatl, given visions by a Psion:

“I… I see… A city, besieged. The Shipstealer revived. The Leviathan reborn. Your Traveler infected by Darkness… These are the futures our our enemies seek. We must remain united if we are to forge a different path.”

This was in Season of the Risen, so as you can see, the prediction of the Leviathan reborn already came true. So if that one’s true, the others may be true, including Eramis the Shipstealer being revived. And Lightfall sure seems like it will probably involve a direct confrontation with the Traveler and a siege on the Last City.

In the wider sense, The Witness is probably looking for a new Disciple, someone to do his bidding in the system like Rhulk and Calus. Given that our old enemy Calus is now housed in a sentient pyramid, it would make sense to recruit someone else already inside our system, someone already loyal to the Darkness. Eramis is a prime pick, considering most of our other enemies are…extremely dead.

In the gameplay sense, returning to Europa as the main location for season 18 feels about right given that we’ve done practically nothing there since Beyond Light. A battleground, an expunge mission. Not much. But it’s a fantastic zone.

And if we’re doing an Eramis season on Europa, the two enemies there would be Fallen, and we haven’t had a Fallen season since, well, Beyond Light, as in Season of the Splicer the Fallen were our allies, not enemies. And Splicer was also the last time we faced the Vex in any meaningful capacity. It’s been a while, time to cycle back around.

It’s not exactly concrete proof, but this is a loose end Bungie has clearly left open deliberately. Like the Rasputin theory, even if it’s not happening next season, it seems likely to be happening at some point, and I’m looking forward to see what form that takes.

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