Peter Barkett

Lowering your high cholesterol

Dr. Peter Barkett

Summertime brings sunny days and warm weather. If you are like me, you might find yourself eating potato chips while waiting for a steak to finish on the grill and considering a bit of ice cream for dessert. What do these foods share, besides a boost in popularity during the summer? Unfortunately, cholesterol.

Many people may think that if their cholesterol tests with a number in the “normal” range, it means their risk of heart attack or stroke is low. The real story is more complicated and understanding what your own cholesterol numbers mean matters for your health. Just as you shouldn’t always drive at the top of the speed limit, say in icy or foggy conditions, most people shouldn’t allow their cholesterol to go to the limit either. When it comes to cardiovascular health, cholesterol numbers should be considered in the broader context of a patient’s other risk factors – like blood pressure, gender, age, family history, smoking history and other test results.

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