How To Release The Spiritual Imbalances That Are Keeping You Sick & Stuck

The human body contains vortexes of concentrated energy between our physical and spiritual bodies.

These energy centers are called the chakras. The levels of life force in our bodies have an impact on our inherent healing ability, as chi, our life force helps to nourish organs and systems of the body, supporting them in their vital functions and contributing to the healthy growth and renewal of cells.

However, the amount of chi isn’t always sufficiently replenished. There are many impurities that can block energy channels known as Nadis. 

Blocks and imbalances consist of energy forms we created from our own behaviors. Spiritual imbalances of self-limiting thoughts and motives constitute the bulk of most energy blocks.

The subtle and physical bodies are linked together by etheric matter. Virtually anything that affects one automatically affects the other; thus, physical impurities such as body toxins caused by an unhealthy diet, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, nervous tension, etc., cause corresponding obstructions in the subtle body as well.

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The consequences of constant blocks

If there are constant blocks over time the energy body becomes depleted.

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