6 Ways You Control When, Where (& With Whom!) You Fall In Love

In the beginning, love brings a flood of intense emotions. It’s excitement, fluttering butterflies, and soul-stirring magic.

It’s also nervousness, craving, and gut-wrenching fear of rejection. And in the end — when it’s right — it’s a feeling of home; safe, warm, connected, delightful, and hopeful.

Romantic love makes the world a better place, but how does it begin?

Some say that falling in love is completely random; others claim it’s fate. Complete randomness would mean that there is no rhyme or reason to pairing; it happens without design or conscious thought.

At the other end of the spectrum is fate: love that’s predetermined, inevitable, and on purpose.

To some extent, there is randomness, such as being on the same dating site carousel or bumping into someone on the train at a specific time because you missed your regular train. As we go about our day, we make a series of decisions that result in outcomes, which in turn create more effects, not unlike the “what ifs” in the movie Sliding Doors.

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Life brings many twists and turns, and if you subscribe to the notion of fate, it can be lovely and reassuring to imagine that you’ve experienced all the heartbreak and loss for a reason. There you are, one day, ready for the promise of something new because it is meant to be.

You must be able to recognize this person as your ideal partner and know what to do with them when they arrive.

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