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WWDC 2022 live blog: iOS 16, iPadOS 16, MacBook Air and more


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Here’s a look at the screen the Apple Store is currently showing. There’s no further info on this beyond what Apple says, which is unsurprisingly vague: “Developing news. We’re making updates to the Apple Store. Check back after the event, streaming on apple.com or on the Apple TV app.”

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Breaking: OK, this is big — the Apple Store is down right now (opens in new tab)

This is important, because as MacRumors’ Sami Fathi (opens in new tab) tweets above, this only tends to happen when new hardware is on the way.

So, that MacBook Air 2022 is looking like a lock, right?

MacBook Air 2022 render

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Of course the strongest hardware rumor around WWDC concerns the new MacBook Air 2022.

This is tipped to get a major design overhaul for the first time in years, with thinner display bezels, a rectangular rounded chassis, new color options and more. But there could be more to this upgrade than just a design refresh; it’s also rumored to get a new Apple M2 chip, a Mini-LED display and new ports, among other treats.

We’ve rounded up all the top rumored MacBook Air 2022 features ahead of today’s WWDC keynote.


apple mixed reality headset render

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There’s another possible announcement at WWDC 2022, and it relates to Apple’s efforts in mixed reality. Rumors suggest there’s an Apple VR/AR headset in the works, and while few expect a demonstration of the device — it’s supposedly not shipping until 2023 — Apple could still unveil tools for building apps that take advantage of AR.

Such a move could be as simple as releasing a new version of ARKit, the developer tools Apple already offers for creating AR-friendly iPhone apps. But there’s also a possibility of a preview of realityOS, the rumored software that would power any Apple VR/AR gear.

It’s worth paying attention to any AR news at WWDC as it could give us a better idea of just what Apple is planning for next year.

iPad Pro 2021 (12.9-inch) review

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In the buildup to WWDC, one of the most talked-about rumors is new multitasking features for the iPad, coming via iPadOS 16. Apple routinely beefs up the multitasking capabilities of its tablets — last year’s iPadOS 15 update made it easier to jump into Split Screen or Slide Out views with different apps — but this year’s effort sounds a little bit different.

Specifically, Apple insiders are expecting a more desktop-like experience for running multiple apps at once and jumping between the different apps. One rumor points to resizable app windows, exactly like the ones you have on the Mac. 

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg has the most complete look at iPadOS 16’s rumored multitasking revamp (opens in new tab), at least until Apple fills in the details during today’s keynote.

iPhone 14 Pro design vs iPhone 14 design

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The lock screen with widgets feature could set the stage for Apple to add always-on display support to some iPhone 14 models in the fall. (The guess is this might be an iPhone 14 Pro-only capability.) But even if that’s the case, Apple is unlikely to mention the iPhone 14 by name. A teaser like the one Google pulled off at Google I/O for the Pixel 7 just isn’t part of Apple’s playbook.

Which is not to save that there may not be hints about what’s coming in the fall contained in Apple’s iOS 16 preview. Here’s a look at what WWDC could tell us about the upcoming iPhone.

iOS 16 logo on iPhone

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But that’s not the only rumored change to iOS 16, which sounds like quite a substantial update. 

We’ve got a round-up of the top rumored features for iOS 16 including updates to notifications and Messages. We’ve also heard that new apps could be appearing in iOS 16, though there are no specifics on what these apps might address. That didn’t stop us from making a few guesses about some iOS 16 changes.

iphone 14 pro render

(Image credit: Front Page Tech / Ian Zelbo)

The biggest expected change coming to iOS 16 this year could be the ability to add widgets to the lock screen. 

Specifically, Apple is going to create new wallpapers you can select for your lock screen, and some will include widgets that presumably show the current temperature, upcoming appointments or any of the other at-a-glance info you’ve been able to place on your home screen since iOS 14.

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Like the last two years, WWDC is a virtual event, with the presentations — including today’s keynote — streaming online. But it would be more accurate to describe WWDC as mostly virtual.

A handful of developers will be attending the WWDC keynote in-person, and Apple’s on-campus presentations aren’t just limited to the keynote. The company is also showing off its new Developer Center.

Apple touts the Developer Center, which is located near the Apple Park campus, as a place where developers can meet with and learn from the company’s engineers and designers. There are enough little touches to warm the heart of even the most jaded Apple Geek, including rooms named after the different macOS versions.

Good morning and welcome to Tom’s Guide’s WWDC 2022 live blog. 

We’ll be rounding up all the last-minute rumors and leaks ahead of today’s event — and there are plenty of those — then bringing you all the news as it happens from 1 p.m. ET / 10 a.m. PT / 6 p.m. BST. Stick with us and you won’t miss a thing.

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